Photo Courtesy of Canva

The holidays are creeping up fast, and if you’re like me, you must be feeling absolutely drained. Between last minute gift shopping, preparing your home for family, or getting ready for your virtual office Christmas party, there’s a lot on your plate! COVID and the end of the year have taken a lot out of everyone, so it’s time to give yourself a little grace. Here are a few ways to give yourself a little break as times get crazier.



Relax, it’s going to be okay. Meditation is a great way to get back in touch with your body and calm your mind. Slow exercises like yoga are a great way to engage in mindfulness. You could also sit in silence while listening to relaxing sounds or music. Focus on your inner peace and block out the noise of the world. Refresh and focus on you!


Have a Home Spa Day

There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself. Just a little bit of skin care goes a long way. Try a warm bubble bath or facial. You’ll end up not only feeling more relaxed, but looking more relaxed as well. Stress isn’t good for your mind or your skin. Get that calming feeling with a little pampering! Your skin will surely glow!


Find a Fun Leisure Activity

Sometimes it’s best to just shut off your brain and tune out the rest of the world. This could be done with a videogame, favorite movie, or even a book. What’s something you love doing that you haven’t done in a while due to scheduling? It’s time to get back into that thing you’ve been missing out on!

 Buy Yourself a Gift

You’ve been shopping for others all month, why not a little something for yourself? Splurge on that new tech thing or fabulous jewelry; whatever you’ve been wanting! You’ll likely be getting gifts from your loved ones, but there’s gotta be something you’d love to get for yourself! You could even wrap it up and place it under the tree for fun!

Indulge in Your Favorite Treats

It’s time to forget about your waistline and have a cookie. 2020 has been super tough, and you don’t need to be any harder on yourself. Homemade treats are meant to be enjoyed during the holidays, and diets are so next year! C’mon, just one’s not going to hurt!

The holidays and COVID have done a number on us all. It’s time to let ourselves be a little carefree for a change. Invest in yourself, take time to do something fun and not just for the sake of productivity. If you’re looking for gifts for yourself or friends, check out our shop at Violet Moon Jewelry! Let your guard down and cut yourself a bit of slack this winter. Have fun, take care of yourself, and most importantly, love yourself!